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“Your God Shall Be My God”: The Book of Ruth

In many ways, The Book of Ruth is a gentle echo of The Book of Job. In Job, we witness a righteous man destroyed for a wager who remains unwavering in his faith right up until he asks, "But why?" The Book of Ruth is also about a life interrupted by Divine Intervention. It's Job with a happier ending, but the same unsettling questions about how we interact with God, and how God can interact with us.

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Lot & His Daughters, or, Hospitality Gone Terribly Wrong

Imagine. You are fleeing your home. You are fleeing your life. Something extraordinarily violent and horrible and utterly destructive is happening to your city where maybe you had friends. Maybe you had a favorite place to watch the sunset while eating figs. Maybe one of your daughters, or cats, or whoever, is left behind.

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Donkeys & Dongs: Ezekiel 23:20-21 in Context

I asked my friends on Facebook if they had any questions regarding the Bible that a very inexperienced Christian might do his best to answer. (To be clear, I am the Very Inexperienced Christian.) My friend John asked -- probably jokingly -- "What about that lady that liked the big horse dongs?" And I decided to call John's bluff. We're going to talk about donkey dongs and horse jizz til the break of dawn.